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Brooklyner by choice; Midwestern farm boy by birth. I have an MFA in design and an MBA in finance and international entrepreneurship. This combo makes me a creative strategist. I've had 20 years experience working with brands, big and small, in the US and across the world, in virtually every industry. I've led and managed both teams and offices. My views are my own.

Why Simple is Hard

For over four years, I worked for The Simplicity Company, helping clients simplify their strategies, businesses, brands and experiences. Achieving any degree of simplicity was real work. Throughout those four years I was struck that Simplicity seemed difficult to achieve, … Continue reading

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3 Things Dollar Shave Club Got Right

Dollar Shave Club’s recent acquisition by Unilever has many business folks talking, and for good reason. DSC was purchased for well above the valuation set by VC firms that had invested in the company. (While it sold for $1 billion, … Continue reading

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Why Brands Need A Point of View

Diana Vreeland was a legendary figure in the fashion industry. But the vast majority of people probably have never heard of her. She was the managing director for Vogue magazine in the 60’s and was known for her distinctive taste … Continue reading

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Sustainability That Lasts

I was at a sustainability conference recently, thinking about my boots. “Business casual” is interpreted very loosely in Silicon Valley. CEOs turn up for meetings in t-shirts. Ties are donned ironically. I was wearing my Red Wing boots as they’re … Continue reading

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The ‘New’ Center of the Sales Cycle

The sales cycle is a classic framework that has been around for a long time. You can find versions that are more complicated than this, but I like this one. For me, this is the simplest way of breaking down … Continue reading

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What Experience Designers Can Learn From Improv

Brand perceptions are built on reactions to experiences with a brand. As such, changing the experience is a powerful way of changing brand perceptions and behaviors. Although the phrase “experience design” has traditionally been applied to digital experiences, the practice … Continue reading

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All Marketing is Local Marketing

Tip O’Neill, former Speaker of the House, once famously said “All politics is local.” It was a lesson he learned in his first political loss: unless you connect to the needs and desires of the folks near you, you won’t … Continue reading

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Brand Experience vs. Branded Experiences

One of the reasons I named this blog “Brand Is Action” is that I believe this is how brands will be built in this next era of branding – not through image but through behavior. The experience of the brand … Continue reading

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What Twitter Is For

There’s probably a million blog posts about how useful Twitter is: for sharing, communicating; for businesses, for brands, for people. I started using Twitter about 3 years ago because I felt I needed to understand it. But for the first … Continue reading

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What JCPenney Learned from Apple…and The Gap

JCPenney has been in the news a lot lately. Although still a beloved brand with millions of Americans, it’s a brand that has become a little dusty and tired. In fashion, it seems like all the brand love and energy these days … Continue reading

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